TV Is Bad For Your Health: We’re Shocked

Watching too much TV is officially bad for your health, a study has announced today. In what may turn out to be the most bleedin’ obvious story of the year, the findings show that every two hours people spend sitting in front of the gogglebox per day raises the viewer’s risk of diabetes by a fifth and heart disease by 15%. And no, that doesn’t include the effect of chocolate, crisps or popcorn on your body.

Switching off the TV and doing something more strenuous instead could stop two people in every thousand developing these conditions. No sh#t Sherlock.

In a warning to the biggest couch potatoes amongst us, the study also found that watching more than three hours of daily viewing increased the risk of premature death, making some possibly question whether that extra hour a day of soap is watching really worth it.

According to the researchers, there’s an epidemic being caused by the rise of the TV nation, with people in European countries spend around three-to-four hours a day on average watching programmes, while people in the US watch for five hours a day. Sounds like a Morgan Spurlock film waiting to happen..