TV ‘Toons Battle It Out For British Animation Award

Peppa Pig V. Pepperami - a no brainer?

Who would win in a fight between Danger Mouse and SuperTed? How about Dennis the Menace versus that crazy Pepperami sausage?

Well we will soon have the answer because the British public is being asked to nominate their favourite animated TV characters for the annual British Animation Awards, aka the BAAs.

A total of 22 TV characters including Peppa Pig, Roobarb and Custard, Morph and Mr Benn are set to battle it out to be named Top Of The TV ‘Toons.

Award representatives have made the case that this is about more than a pleasant walk down TV memory lane. Jayne Pilling, director of the BAA has been campaigning for tax breaks for the industry, which has been hit hard by cuts to the creative scene.

She said: “This vote celebrates the illustrious heritage of cherished characters that have been created and highlights the wealth of creative talent that could disappear if the industry continues to decline.â€?

Members of the public are being asked to submit their nominations for the award and share their TV memories here. Votes can be made via the BAA Facebook page until March 9 and the winner will be announced on March 15.

Even Aleksandr, regal meerkat of annoying price comparison site fame, has made it onto the list – vote now to ensure that this hairy blight on TV ad breaks does not take anything home.

Feel free to share your TV memories below – whether you have love for Bagpuss‘ stripy coat or the plasticene playfulness of Morph, we’d love to know what you’re thinking.