“TV Writers Get The Respect They Deserve In US” Say British ‘Smash’ Stars

The British stars of Smash or ‘Glee For Grown-ups’ as some alliteration-loving wags have dubbed it, have explained that they love working in the States because, unlike in the UK, TV networks give writers the respect they deserve.

“I don’t think British television is worse than American TV,” explained Raza Jaffrey (of Spooks) at the press launch of the new Sky Atlantic show. “But one of the reasons I’m drawn to living and working in the US at the moment is really because seasons over there are 15 episodes or longer.”

“The plot-arcs and writing that length of season means that in a way, the writer is king, which I think is a great thing. I love British TV and want to do more of it but sometimes you only get six or ten episode if you’re lucky. The writer is in second places on a lot of shows which means that they’re not given the respect they deserve. TV should be a writers’ medium, I think the America have got that down really.”

Jaffrey is currently starring in the new NBC show based around the creation of a Broadway musical inspired by the life of Marilyn Monroe. His co-star Jack Davenport (Coupling, Pirates..) refuses to accept that American TV is better, but says he’s enjoying working stateside.

“I think that undoubtedly there is this golden age of American TV going on there has been for about 10 yrs. That’s not to say stuff here is bad because it isn’t, but it was bad in America and then it got really good, so like the trollops we are we just headed West.”