TV’s Jeremy Clarkson Slams Top Gear’s Tweet During Two-Minute Silence

At 11.00am on Remembrance Sunday, Britain came to a standstill as people remembered the servicemen and women who gave their lives for the country in the world wars and other conflicts.

However, Top Gear’s Twitter account, which is run by BBC Worldwide, failed to observe this two-minute silence, tweeting at 11.01am.

It read: ‘Most-watched vid on #TopGear this week? Behind-the-scenes at TG mag’s pan-American race between a Bentley… and a train…’

TV’s Jeremy Clarkson, who presents the motoring show alongside James May and Richard ‘The Hamster’ Hammond (he’s not a real hamster), was one of the users who was offended by the insensitive timing of the tweet.

He wrote: ‘@BBC_TopGear You sent this out during the 2 minute silence. Astonishingly stupid.’

Clarkson’s post has already seen more than 600 retweets.

After having been told of the incident earlier, Clarkson posted: ‘Please tell me you’re fucking joking’.

The outrageously opinionated TV personality even suggested that people driving cars pull over out of respect.

Before 11.00am, he told his followers: ‘In a car? Well get ready to pull over and stop.’

Top Gear’s Twitter account later apologised for causing offence, saying: “We profusely apologise for the automated tweet that coincided with this morning’s silence to honour our Armed Forces.”