‘Twilight’ Actress to Sink Teeth into Downton Abbey

MyAnna Buring is to join the cast of Downton Abbey, just in time for the Christmas special.

The Swedish actress, who is best known for portraying the vampiric Tanya in the Twilight: Breaking Dawn films, will play Edna, a ‘forward thinking’ servant, The Sunday Times reports.

This isn’t the actress’ first appearance on British TV – she appeared alongside Christopher Ecclestone in BBC One’s Blackout.

This news comes as Downton creator Julian Fellowes divulges details of the costume drama’s third season, with the aftermath of the Great War, financial woes and the Irish Troubles all affecting the Crawley family and their staff.

Talking to The Sunday Times, Buring said; “You couldn’t get two projects more different than the Twilight series and Downton Abbey. Many of my previous roles have had a contemporary feel to them so I was thrilled when the offer came from Downton.”

The casting is seen as a strategic move by some, with The Daily Mail quoting hollywood.com’s Paul Dergarabedian, who remarked; “In the US the series is a tough sell with teenage girls but they are absolutely crazy about the Twilight series and if you introduce someone like Buring who they recognise, it could be all it takes to stir up interest among a younger audience.”

Last week, the ITV drama received 16 Emmy nominations, putting it just behind giant of drama Mad Men, and the wonderfully over the top American Horror Story, but importantly, making it the most Emmy-nominated British TV programme ever.