Twilight Writer For Highlander = Facepalm

highlander210Why won’t Hollywood listen? “There can only be one”. One. Do you hear that Hollywood, one! That’s one Highlander film, not the legions of abominable sequels and certainly not this new fangled remake that’s in the works.

It’s been passed around since 2009 like some kind of immortal pass the parcel but it’s finally landed in the lap of Twilight writer Melissa Rosenberg. The last director we heard with any involvement was Fast And The Furious director Justin Lin, something that doesn’t really inspire any more confidence but that may all change with Rosenberg’s script.

The Initial drafts were by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway (Iron Man and Punisher: War Zone – two films that are almost polar opposites in terms of quality) before it was shunted to husband-and-wife writing team The Wibberleys (National Treasure).

So, can Rosenberg do something interesting with this (her previous form on Season 1 of Dexter seems to indicate she can pull some hits out of the bag) or are we going to see Connor MacLeod weeping into his haggis because his wife can’t share in his sparkly immortality?