Twitter feud of the day: Aled Haydn Jones calls Dom Joly a knob

Any celebrity worth their weight in overpriced shoes has taken to twitter at some point to launch a venomous attack on a fellow celeb. Just look at Alan Sugar and Kirstie Allsop, Courtney Love versus, well everyone and um… Natalie Cassidy and Denise Van Outen. Point is: they’re all at it.

The latest tweet bust-up comes courtesy of Chris Moyles Show producer Aled Haydn Jones who took to everyone’s favourite ‘look how interesting I am’ site to voice his beef with Dom ‘Hulllo?!’ Joly.

The pair met on ITV2’s OMG! With Peaches Geldof, but Jones was far from impressed, tweeting (though thoughtfully sparing Joly of an ‘at’ message): “I’m sorry to report but Dom Joly is a knob.

“Was so excited to meet on #omg someone who I’d thought was genius – turns out he’s not.â€?

But as we all know, hell hath no fury like a public diss, and Joly, upon stalking his own name on twitter (probably) came across the offending tweet and wrote back to Jones: “I’m now being called a Knob by someone who was presenting this show with Peaches Geldof @ahj weird cos he was kissing ass on the show itselfâ€?.

Joly added: “Shame you were too chicken to say it to my face- you were all ass-licky on the night…..â€?

Ending with a cutting ‘presenter’ dig (extra points for perseverance Joly), he wrote: “Right bored of this particular “dispute” having a day off today and was trying to avoid trolls, let alone disappointed TV “presentersâ€?

Play nice, boys…