Two and a Half Men to Continue Without Sheen?

Fastball: CBS are thinking of continuing Two and a Half Men without Charlie Sheen, and Rob Lowe has been touted as a possible replacement. This will surely make the warlock more hungry, hungry for corporate flesh, so CBS had better look out because tigerblood himself is building the perfect torpedo.

In fact, these evil rumours are foaming from the mouths of toothless trolls, and only serving to make the mainstream heretics smirk. Mr Sheen is likely to use his new Sheen’s Korner spot to air his own views on the subject, as the show is a violent torpedo of truth. Love or hate. Do the math.

Other actors that have been linked with the vacant role include Matt Dillon and John Stamos who are likely to incur the wrath of Charlie Sheen, for daring to fill the void left behind by the winning warlock.

This news comes in the same week as Thomas Jefferson reportedly admitted “Sheen’s right. I am a pussyâ€?, and all the tigers of the world apologised for claiming to have tiger blood, when obviously they were blatant imposters.