Two Trials In A Day For ‘Shrieking Sinitta’

After last night’s Bushtucker performances, Sinitta is almost certainly doomed.

The 80’s pop sensation and ITV utility ‘sleb shrieked and wailed her way through her second I’m A Celebrity challenge and was promptly voted in for the next. Sympathy has never been the I’m A Celebrity.. audience strongpoint.

Branding the task, which posed no serious threat to her health as, “the hardest thing I’ve done in my entire lifeâ€?, we’re guessing a pop comeback is off the cards. Sinitta’s first task involved being lowered into a dark underground water coffin whilst prodding about in holes filled with critters.

Despite emerging with just two stars and no hope of a filling meal for camp, the star was met with kind words when she returned to camp. Self-appointed camp chef, Anthony Cotton, said: “The main thing is you went in there and you did it.â€?

The soap star then slumped off to grumble about the lack of nutritious food on offer. Shrieking Sinitta’s next, and surely not last, trial required the former songstress to hold live bugs and beasts in her delicate mouth.

After bagging a pretty pitiful five stars, Cotton did not have such kind words for the So Macho singer. He boasted: “I’d have done this with no trouble.â€?

Thanks mate.

Meanwhile back in camp…TOWIE hunk, Mark Wright, was revelling in the delight of a former glamour model’s bikini-clad appearance in the jungle. The tanned lothario racked his brains for the most charming thing he could say to woman of his dreams, Emily Scott, and came up with the sure-fire winner: “Do you like eating balls?â€?.