Modern Comedy Tries To Hard To Shock Says David Jason

“You dipstick!â€? was about as close as Del-boy got to being offensive and according to the man who played him, that was pushing it. In an interview with Radio Times, telly legend David Jason has hit out at a new generation of comedy stars who find it necessary to shock in order be funny.

Despite having great respect for Stephen Fry, David doesn’t agree with him on certain language matters: “I’m a great fan and think he’s clever — (he) puts up a good argument for using all swear words as a rich part of our language.â€? he says. “But he couldn’t persuade me. Language has implications and it’s offensive if it’s meant to denigrate something or someone.â€?

A main point in his argument stems from his worry at what his ten-year old daughter Sophie is exposed to whilst watching TV. Watching as a family often becomes uncomfortable he says, as adverts involving sexualised imagery are often interspersed between child-friendly cartoons such as Spongebob.

As well as Only Fools, David compliments classic shows like Laurel and Hardy: “that’s humour — doing what funny people have done since comedy began without being edgy and pushing boundaries.” he says.

It’s not hard to see where he’s coming from. Perhaps the phrase “who dares winsâ€? doesn’t always apply.