Vacation Vacation Vacation Axed After ‘Failing To Resonate With Viewers’

As if the news that Kirstie and Phil are NOT married is not shocking enough, there is now news that their travel series, Vacation, Vacation, Vacation, has been axed.

The eight-part travel series aired on Channel 4 earlier this year and apparently the show, which featured Allsopp and Spencer gallivanting about on luxury holidays, did not “resonate with viewersâ€?. Given the current economic climate, this may not be surprising.

Although it debuted with 2.1 million viewers in late March, the programme’s audience fell to about 1.5 million towards the end of the series. Figures which do not compare favorably with the pair’s property-finding programme, Relocation Relocation, Relocation.

But things are not going great for this dynamic duo, even this ever-popular property show has been put on ice due to the state of the housing market.

A Channel 4 spokeswoman said: “Vacation, Vacation, Vacation didn’t resonate with viewers as well as we’d hoped and we have no plans to bring it back. Kirstie and Phil are currently working on several big Channel 4 series including Kirstie’s Handmade Britain, Phil Spencer: Secret Agent, and a new series of Location, Location, Location.”

At least Kirstie can keep herself busy knitting while the pair get their mojo back.