Vanderbilt Writing Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man

The Marc Webb (can’t get enough of that surname) version of The Amazing Spider-Man hasn’t even been thrown out to the ravenous public yet and already Sony are casting their nets for a sequel. Step forward James Vanderbilt whose screenplay for the forthcoming reboot has impressed the suits at Sony enough that they’ve hired him to write the next installment.

Vanderbilt was originally hired to write Spider-Man 4 when Sam Raimi was still at the helm and when instead they decided to go for a reboot, he stuck around. He had several ideas for a whole series of Spider-Man movies but Sony were initially cautious, deciding to go with one to start with. But it seems he’s made a good impression, as they’re now actively picking his brain about were the webbed superhero could go next.

No word on the shooting details just yet, but you can bet that if The Amazing Spider-Man is a blockbusting smash, they’ll want to strike while the iron is hot.