Video: Doctor Who Cast Talk ‘Asylum of the Daleks’

We’ve seen the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who and we can tell you that it is excellent. That’s about all we can tell you though because the embargo on this thing is tighter than the security around Buckingham Palace (Steven Moffat gave a five minute speech pleading with fans and press not to release spoilers on the net) but we’re happy to play along. It’s more fun that way. As the brightest among you may have worked out from the title, there will be Daleks and after saying that the Doctor’s oldest foe are the easiest to defeat of all his enemies (one of the many things we love about Moffat is the way his new villains have psychological edges) the showrunner has decided to shake things up a bit. Check out what he and his cast and crew have to say about the first episode, which will be coming your way before the end of a week on Saturday..

Matt Smith to play Doctor Who until 2014..