Video: ITV Sport Drop The Football. Again..

As last night’s Champions League quarter-final edged towards a penalty shoot-out, some joker on Twitter quipped.. “I’m not sure who’s more likely to miss a penalty, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich or ITV!”

Yes the curse of ITV Sport struck again last night and coverage of the the first period of extra-time was interrupted by images of a news-reader fiddling with his buttons, presumably rather annoyed that he would have to stay late at work due to a delay in the football. There had been a “brief break in transmissionâ€? stated a spokesman at ITV rather obviously, yet this is just the latest in a long line of cock-ups by ITV when it comes to football coverage.

In February 2009, ITV missed an extra-time goal in the FA Cup replay between Everton and Liverpool when the channel switched to a Tic Tac advert, a year later fans watching in HD missed Steven Gerrard’s goal for England against the US at the World Cup (one of the few highlights of a turgid tournament). Their punditry is crap too..

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