Video: Paxman Says C**t

How easily pleased are we?! Answer: Very easily please indeed. What could be more satisfying than hearing Jeremy “I’ll have to hurry you..” Paxman dropping the C-Bomb? Well if Twitter is anything to go by, not much. On last night’s Newsnight, the highly-respected presenter said: “What looks to be the big political theme of 2011 is what will the cuts in public spending decreed by the government do to us? Supposing, though, that some of the people who ought to be paying taxes so the c**ts, cuts, aren’t so bad aren’t actually doing so…” Classic. Of course he isn’t the first person to make the mistake in recent times.. Olly Foster carried on as if nothing untoward had happened at all after calling ex-Manchester United forward Eric Cantona a c***. However James Naughtie compounded a similar error by struggling to contain a coughing fit afterwards and then giggling through the news headlines after he highlighted an upcoming interview with the Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport last December. “What’s happening in the next half hour, well next up after the news, I’m going to be talking to Jeremy C***, Hunt, the Culture Secretary about (coughs) broadband.” he said. Who wouldn’t laugh after that?!