Vin Diesel For Action Comedy The Machine

vin210Vin Diesel has signed on to play the lead in comedy action flick The Machine, penned by Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Grant, the duo behind Night at the Museum.

In a premise that seemingly combines Mel Gibson’s Nineties weepie Forever Young with Van Damme’s Universal Soldier, Diesel will play a half-human/half-machine engineered by a top secret government project who is left lost and abandoned when said project is closed. Twenty years later he is discovered by a kid who becomes his friend, until creepy government types come asking questions.

Mixing up the action roles with family-friendly comedy movies in the same way Arnie ‘entertained’ us all with Kindergarten Cop and Jingle All The Way, Diesel is quickly becoming the inheritor to Arnie’s skewed career. A third Riddick movie still in development and a sixth Fast And Furious movie has the star reportedly signed on.

The Machine is due to begin filming this Autumn.