Vinny Turns Over New Leaf for Life Saving Ad

It’s only January and Vinny Jones is already back in business as a chest-thumping, gang-leading medallion man.

But this time he’s saving lives not taking them.

Some fascinating research has found that the Bee Gees disco classic, Stayin’ Alive, is the best track for conducting CPR as it contains 103 beats per minute which is jolly close to the ideal rate of 100 chest compressions per minute for saving a life. Upon hearing the news, the British Heart Foundation called up Vinny (he’s a woman’s man with no time to talk) who will now be starring in a TV advert which instructs viewers how to save lives using hands-only CPR.

In his unmistakeable Eastend drawl, the former premiership footballer turned actor tells viewers to use “hands onlyâ€? rather than the kiss of life claiming “you only kiss the missus on the lips”.

Whatever you say Mr. Jones.