Wachowski Bros Aim For Sci-Fi Blockbuster With ‘Jupiter Ascending’

Reports have emerged today that those wily Wachowski brothers are looking to get back in on some sci-fi shaped, blockbusting action.

Lana and Andy already have their hands full with co-directing Cloud Atlas with Tom Tykwer but that has not stopped them from spawning an entirely new sci-fi/action franchise over at Warner Bros. HQ.

The original project, is reportedly called Jupiter Ascending and will be about Jupiter ascending in some way…

Ok, we’ll be honest, in true Wachowski style, there is not much news about the plot, timescale or stars yet but it is good to know that the pair will be making a return to the genre which has served them so well in years gone by.

According to sources over at Deadline, shooting will start in Spring but that’s your lot for now.