Waking The Dead Stars Slam BBC

Sue Johnston, star of the BBC crime drama, Waking the Dead, has hit back against the channel that cancelled the long-running and successful series.

After nine series and a total of 9.5 million viewers at its height, Waking the Dead is far from losing an audience. But due to budget constraints at the BBC, they have pulled the plug a year early, as it was originally intended to be laid to rest at the end of it’s tenth series.

Johnston, who played Dr Grace Foley the psychological profiler from the shows beginnings back in 2000, told TV times: “I feel robbed. I’m very sad about it. It was a lovely job. The show gets great audiences, it’s sold all over the world and I don’t quite get why it’s going.” She continued by placing the blame upon the BBC money handlers, “You’d have to talk to the powers-that-be. They say it’s too expensive to make in these austere days.”

The budget cuts have angered other cast member feathers, with Trevor Eve who played Detective Superintendent Peter Boyd saying, “It’s had an audience appreciation rating of 90 per cent, which I think is higher than anything else. The BBC can go and make other stuff that costs them less money, it’s fine.”

Any fans of the show can be consoled with the fact that Trevor Eve’s own production company is filming a spin-off entitled, The Body Farm, and will focus upon Waking The Dead’s forensic pathologist Eve Lockhard (Tara Fitzgerald).