Walking Dead Creator Speaks Of Shane’s Fate

Rick Grimes’ police partner turned (attempted) wife stealer Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal) isn’t getting killed off anytime soon, says Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman. Initially it was believed the show would follow the comic books’ storyline and kill off Shane early on, but not according to Kirkman: “He’s past his expiration date by comic book standards, but Shane is by no means rotten.”

“It’s hard thinking about killing any character. If they’re good characters there are always more scenes to write, but this is the nature of things: There are zombies around; people gots to die,â€? he said in official AMC interview.

Because of this massive departure from the comic books’ native he explained the second season would not be following their storylines as closely: “While we’re mapping out this arc and figuring out this story, we’ll pull something in from the comic and then we’ll go, ‘okay, so how does Shane existing change this?’

“It’s really neat for me to treat The Walking Dead TV show as an alternate dimension where Shane lived, and there’s all this different stuff happening because of that.â€?

The Walking Dead’s second season is set to air this autumn.