Walliams: The Bald Truth About Doctor Who

A picture of David Walliams’s upcoming Doctor Who cameo has been released, with the comedian looking distinctly similar like Shrek in his new role.

The Little Britain star plays a creature called Gibbis in the upcoming second half of series six of the sci-fi show, with the inspiration for the alien character apparently taken from Mole from The Wind in the Willows.

And whilst BBC execs have been characteristically sketchy about any plot details, Walliam’s facial expression in the released picture certainly suggests that he’s not going to play happy families with the Doctor & Co.

Talking about the upcoming appearance, Walliams said:”I am a huge fan of Doctor Who and am so looking forward to working with Matt and running up and down some corridors with him”.

The cross-dressing funnyman isn’t the only comedian set to appear in this series of Doctor Who, with James Corden also busy filming scenes with Matt Smith, one of which seeing the larger than life Gavin and Stacey star plant a kiss on the Doctor’s face. Lucky Matt.

The current series of Doctor Who resumes on BBC One on August 27.