Walliams Told To “Clean Up” His Act For The BGT Panel

A subtle entrance for the BGT gang
That naughty David Walliams has been causing problems on the Britain’s Got Talent panel after a cool 24 hours in the job.

Filming of the audition stages of the TV talent competition began in Blackpool yesterday and bosses are already urging the metrosexual megastar to “cleanâ€? up his comments and be “more family-friendlyâ€? for the show which will air at 7pm.

A source told The Sun: “A lot of Walliams’ comments need editing out. It certainly can’t go on for the rest of filming. If we don’t get clean comments, that act won’t get a big showing.

“It’s a learning curve. He was very funny but we need him to be more family-friendly. But we’re still confident we made the right choice. Simon Cowell loves the banter and thinks the new panel has great chemistry.”

We are hoping that some of Walliams’ cheeky banter makes it into the final cut. TBH it hardly sounds as though your average seven year old will have the foggiest idea what Walliams was going on about…

After one act involving dancers lifting each other he asked Simon: “But did it raise you up?”

Oohh matron.

The Little Britain star also patted Dec’s bum! Outrageous.

Joining him on the panel this year is Amanda Holden, Simon Cowell and recently poached (former) Strictly Comne Dancing judge, Alesha Dixon. But whether Walliams will remain on the panel for the entire series is anyone’s guess. Simon Cowell has already said the he found David to have been “very badly behaved” in the opening audition recordings…but is Cowell just up to his old tricks as master of the media spotlight?