Wanted 2 Is Back On?

Ergh. If there’s one thing we don’t need it’s a sequel to the ridiculous pantomime that was Wanted, a glossy action adventure which saw unlikely protagonist James McAvoy taught to bend bullet trajectories by Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman.

There was also some guff about a loom of fate and a shadowy group of assassins called The Fraternity.

But what really decides sequels? Money. And even though it was utterly cack, it made $300m on a budget of only $75m so Universal are obviously interested in seeing how they can milk their cash cow. Angelina Jolie said she was interested in a sequel, so that put the brakes on the franchise for while but now it looks like writers Michael Brandt and Derek Haas have been rehired to work on the follow up.

The Wrap spoke to Haas and he said “We just always loved the Wanted world, and loved working with Universal and Timur Bekmambetov so we’re excited! Wanted 2 is going to take off right after the events that just happened; it’ll pick up Wesley a few years later and go back in for another round.”

He later expanded via Twitter that the sequel will be “Loom-less and Fox-less”, so that’s a no to that ridiculous plot device but also a definite no-no for Angelina Jolie’s particpation. But will James McAvoy be interested in signing up for round two?

It’s early days though as it hasn’t even been given the go-ahead. Consequently there’s no start date and no director attached so far. More news as it comes in.