Warners Scoop Rights To Graphic Novel Dino-Tale Bolivar

Bolivar, a graphic novel written by Sean Rubin to be released in May 2013, has been picked up by Warner Bros for an animated feature.

It will be produced by the Weed Road production outfit and directed by Kealan O’Rourke, the man behind award-winning animations such as The Boy In The Bubble, which recently won Best Animation in 2011’s Irish Film and Television Awards. O’Rourke will also write the script.

Bolivar tells the tale of a little girl called Sybil, who discovers that her new next-door neighbour when she moves to New York is the world’s last surviving dinosaur. After Sybil’s vain efforts to befriend the withdrawn dino, the odd pair build a quirky friendship.

Weed Road is currently adapting Lone Survivor, the story of four American SEALs tasked with killing a notorious Taliban leader, starring Mark Wahlberg.

In the mean time, here’s a trailer for O’Rourke’s The Boy in The Bubble: