Warners Prepare For The All-Nighter

Warners has just paid a “mid-six figure” sum for Brad Ingelsy’s new action thriller The All-Nighter according to Deadline.

The script will see an ageing mob hitman, in a single night, turn against his former employer and go on the run to protect his family from both the authorities and the angered mobsters.

Ingelsby garnered attention back in 2008 for his first script The Low Dweller, which sparked a bidding war and originally had Leonardo DiCaprio attached to star and Ridley Scott to direct. That was retitled Out Of The Furnace with Leo and Scott downgraded to merely executive producers as Crazy Heart director Scott Cooper took over both writing and directing duties.

There’s no word on when that project might finally see the light of day or if there’s a prospective cast, but Ingelsby’s future certainly looks financially rosy. More news as we get it.