Warners Puts Brakes On Arthur & Lancelot

The end of the year seems to be a popular time for the tightening of budgetary belts. Only yesterday we had the news that Alex Proyas’s Paradise Lost was having its mainsail trimmed following a hefty budgetary estimate of $120m and now it looks like David Dobkin’s Arthurian drama has been stopped in its tracks until it can renegotiate its expenses.

Deadline reports that it’s seen its costs rise from $90 million to almost $130 and that’s made Warners decide to call time until they can work out how to slim it down. The film would see Arthur (Game Of Thrones‘ Kit Harington) and his loyal friend Lancelot (Joel Kinnaman) in their early years before Arthur’s rise to power but with two largely unknown leads, they’re worried that it might not have the pulling power require to recoup its expenses, even with rumours that Gary Oldman might step in as Merlin.

Generously, the studio has let Dobkin (The Change-Up, Shanghai Knights) roam free and try his hand at another studio unless they can work out a way to reduce costs. Watch this space for more news on where he goes.