Warners Want To Remake Lethal Weapon

lethal-weapon300Right, that’s it, someone at Warners needs to be stopped. They’ve officially lost their damn minds. Three films are floating around their offices with the grubby “possible remake” stamp on them.

These include classic western The Wild Bunch, Westworld and Lethal Weapon. The only one of these that makes any sense is Westworld, whose robot/cowboy theme might be vaguely interesting with today’s technology. But the Sam Peckinpah classic The Wild Bunch is surely untouchable as is arguably one of Mel Gibson’s finest films Lethal Weapon.

But sadly, it seems that the most likely of the three to get dragged kicking and screaming back into the light is Lethal Weapon. Warners have been trying to get a new Weapon film off the ground for years with original writer Shane Black, but what with Mel Gibson’s poor PR image of late, it’s been a tricky one.

So they’ve decided to start over with Will Beal, a former cop who’s been working on the steadily developing Gangster Squad.

Could this…no, who the hell am I kidding? This is a terrible idea and must be stopped at all costs.