“Watch Your Back” David Tennant Warns Dr Who Newbie

It’s been nearly a week since Jenna-Louise Coleman was confirmed as Amy Pond’s replacement in the TARDIS and the last Doctor has today warned the timelord’s latest companion to watch out because the press will be out to get her.

We don’t know what the hell David’s on about? We hang about outside everyone’s house wearing dark glasses..

“Keep your nose clean, watch your back!” ..was the advice Tennant had for her (given through Digital Spy).

“She’ll have a brilliant time, I’m very jealous of her starting out on that extraordinary journey. You’re suddenly rocketed into a world of attention, certainly unlike anything I’d known before,” he said.

“You just need to watch your back a little bit… But it’s wonderful. It’s such an exciting thing to be starting out on.”

Tennant must be really worried because this is his second outburst. Last week he said: “I hope she has some good friends to hold her hand because it can be a bit scary when you get thrust into that level of attention, speaking from personal experience.”

Chill-out granddad..