“We All Failed Frankie” ..Really Barlow?

Have we misunderstood the headlines or has Frankie Cocozza actually died?

Celebrities and journalists are uniting to condemn Cocozaa’s cocaine snorting behaviour after he told us that he’d wasted his chances of becoming a superstar.

But at what point did anyone think he had a chance of becoming a superstar? He was fun and outrageous, but he could not sing.

Gary Barlow is now guilt tripping the nation into sharing the blame for the tuneless drop-out’s early exit from the competition by spouting such outrageous tosh as the notion that “we all failed Frankieâ€?.
A party-animal-image-development-campaign from X-Factor bosses ended up in Frankie on the streets, sniffing cocaine and partying until dawn.

An “emergencyâ€? press conference yesterday left Gary admitting, “I do feel a level of responsibility towards him but unfortunately I can’t follow him around all week.â€?

How exactly have “we all failedâ€? Frankie?

Apparently “we have all played our part in what has happened with Frankie and I don’t think any of us are guilt free in that.â€?

Errr I am. And so are the thousands of viewers who refused to pick up the phone and vote for a tone deaf delinquent to win a singing competition.