Webber Looking To Cast Scherzinger

Andrew Lloyd Webber is apparently digging his musical claws in the likes of Nicole Scherzinger for a new TV show.

Having discovered numerous musical stage stars through previous shows such as ‘How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?’ and ‘Over The Rainbow’, the play-doh faced composer is looking to cast for the judging panel of his next reality TV debacle.

It comes as shock after Scherzinger has been rumoured to have been in talks with Simon Cowell about judging the forthcoming series of the X-Factor, with rumours linking her to both the US and UK editions of the popular sing-fest.

With the show currently unnamed, the Pussycat Dolls singer told The Sun, “We’ve been talking about doing some work together soon, on stage and on his new TV show. I would love it.â€?

“Andrew is a friend – he and his wife Madeleine are lovely. I’m in awe of him and inspired by him.â€?

She finished by quelling the X-Factor rumours by saying, “I haven’t heard about ‘The X Factor’. If Simon asked me I’d do it, but no offer has been made official. I had some reservations initially because it sounds like such a big commitment.â€?

“But it’s a challenge I would be willing to take on.”

So while the rest of us struggle between the choice of filling out an application form for Burger King or Asda, Nicole weighs up the options of what reality show to star in. Oh to live the life of a celebrity pop star.