Weinstein Weighs In On Sheen Saga

Movie legend Harvey Weinstein has given his take on the Charlie Sheen situation, urging the star to resolve his problems with network bosses at CBS – because he won’t be able to win.

Appearing on Piers Morgan’s CNN show, Weinstein said, “I worked with Charlie Sheen, he is one of the best actors when motivated. You see his performances in Wall Street or Platoon, in our case he did Scary Movie and sent up his own image.â€?

“I know (CBS boss) Les Moonves… Charlie’s playing a losing game. Les is a maverick in this situation, he’s holding the parts. I trust Les to make the right decision. He’s cool, he’s smart.â€?

Sheen’s show Two and a Half Men is currently on a break after he went public with criticisms about the show’s creator Chuck Lorre and the network CBS. Whether the show will ever return remains to be seen with reports suggesting that Sheen is demanding £1.8 million per episode to return to work.

This story is far from over, be sure to stay tuned in for updates.