What if The Inbetweeners Formed a Boyband? The Midnight Beast Trailer..

Despite what Simon Cowell and the X Factor would have you believe, becoming a popstar is a long struggle which will see you dealing with all kinds of nasty bastards and occasionally sleeping on the kitchen floor. One group of lads who know this only too well are best mates Stefan Abingdon, Dru Wakely and Ashley Horne who together form The Midnight Beast.

After taking YouTube by storm (but still not getting a record deal) these comedy upstarts who fuse boy-band parody with the madness of their own real-life experiences are coming to E4 next month and we can hardly wait. Expect crazy music videos, a plethora of cameos and a debut album recorded entirely in Stef’s parents’s house..

The Midnight Beast. Coming to E4 in July.