Where Will GaGa Go Nude Next?

lady gaga x factor

Following more than 150 complaints about her performance on X Factor, where she donned only two sea shells and a pair of flesh coloured pants, Lady Gaga seems to singing from the same hymn sheet as Miley Cyrus that says less is definitely more; when it comes to clothes that is.

After incurring the pre-watershed wrath of parents everywhere Paddy Power are offering odds of 8/1 that Lady Gaga’s antics will lead to a UK terrestrial channel TV ban in the future.

Not satisfied with just enraging X Factor viewers, Lady Gaga went one step further, shunning even the shells in favour of going completely naked at G.A.Y on the weekend. This led Paddy Power to question where she will turn up in the buff next.

A gay club in New York is the most likely at 4/1, or giving stressed out commuters an eyeful on the London Underground at 50/1. However, it looks like Tess Daly can breathe a sigh of relief, as it is an unlikely 100/1 Gaga will be giving the audience a Brucie Bonus on Strictly Come Dancing anytime soon.

A spokesperson for Paddy Power said, “Never one to shy away from controversy, London didn’t know what hit it when Gaga rolled into town. The Paddy Power team are worried that it is starting to get a bit nippy though, and are looking into the odds that someone will buy poor Gaga a coat…”

Where will Lady Gaga go naked next?

4/1 New York gay club
16/1 The Hollywood Sign, LA
33/1 American Idol
33/1 Piers Morgan Live
33/1 Superbowl Show
40/1 Statue of Liberty
40/1 Eiffel Tower
40/1 Mount Rushmore
50/1 London Underground
50/1 Fourth Plinth
100/1 Strictly Come Dancing