Who was the man behind the Bond myth?

dominic cooper Fleming

Dominic Cooper (Captain America: The First Avenger) plays Ian Fleming, the cunning creator of one of the most famous fictional heroes, James Bond, in a four-part dramatization of Fleming’s life. There’s no questioning the iconic status of the man they call 007, and Fleming explores how some of the real-life exploits of Ian Fleming became the inspiration for one of the most enduring and successful characters ever..

Untroubled by the spectre of impending war, roguish playboy Fleming chases women, collects rare books and lives off the family fortune. Forever in the shadow of his brother Peter (Rupert Evans) and an eternal disappointment to his formidable mother Eve (Lesley Manville), Ian is finally given some direction in his life when he’s recruited by Admiral John Godfrey (Samuel West) to help in the effort against the Nazis. With the somewhat sceptical support of tough-cookie Second Officer Monday (Anna Chancellor), Ian’s extraordinary imagination and ability to spin a yarn makes him a perfect fit for espionage.

In tandem, the stakes increase as Ian’s chance encounter with the captivating Lady Ann O’Neill (Lara Pulver) becomes a passionate affair that shapes both their lives.

Directed by Mat Whitecross (Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll and the BAFTA®-nominated Road to Guantanamo) and written by John Brownlow and Don Macpherson, Fleming is all about both the opulence of high society London and the suspense and intrigue behind enemy lines.

Fleming will premiere on Wednesday 12th February at 9pm on Sky Atlantic HD