Will Ferrell Wants To Be A Flamingo Thief

Will Ferrell may be stuck in your head as moustachioed news reader, Ron Burgundy. But we’re here to tell you that it is time to move on, funny fans.

Now that Stranger Than Fiction and Everything Must Go have already introduced Ferrell to the world of serious acting, Flamingo Thief is soon to secure his versatile credentials.

The plot follows Tim Forrester (Ferrell) a lawyer whose life collapses when his wife leaves him and he becomes obsessed with stealing flamingo figurines. Why not?

Sound fairly similar to the sacked salesman whose life collapses when his wife leaves him (and loses his job) in Dan Rush’s Everything Must Go? It does to us too.

Nevertheless, Ferrell has decided that this should be his next move.

Ferrell will be back in autopilot comedy mode for his next couple of movies: he’s got Casa De Mi Padre set to arrive next month in the US (there’s no set UK date for that one yet) and he’s also hard at work on Jay Roach’s Dog Fight.