Will Gluck To Direct Sex On The Moon

Gluck210Will Gluck will be most familiar to those of you who saw the absolutely stonking teenage comedy Easy A last year, which gave Emma Stone a well-deserved leg-up to fame. Gluck’s new project will be an adaptation of Ben Mezrich’s book Sex On The Moon which is being adapted for Sony.

The LA Times reports that Gluck is talking to The Social Network‘s producers about the movie. That’s no surprise as Mezrich wrote The Accidental Billionaires which told the story of the early days of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. He also shared early notes with Aaron Sorkin who would go on to write the Oscar-winning script for TSN.

Sony bought out the rights to the book in January which tells the story of Thad Roberts, a NASA intern and potential future astronaut. Things go awry however when attempting to provide for his girlfriend, he decides to steal some moon rocks from the lab and sell them over the internet. Cue the FBI asking some very pertinent questions.

Gluck’s been a busy bee of late – we’re still awaiting sex comedy Friends With Benefits (which sounds decidedly similar to No Strings Attached) and he’s working on an as-yet-untitled comedy with Emma Stone and Rehab, another comedy his developing with Sam Laybourne.