Will Young, Will.i.am & Tom Jones Complete ‘The Voice’ Line-Up

As if battering X Factor’s ratings with a dancing show isn’t enough, the BBC now have their eyes on ITV’s (Jason Gardinerless) Dancing On Ice and the ailing Britain’s Got Talent next spring.

The Beeb announced the final judging line-up for The Voice this morning and joining Jessie J on the panel will be Will Young, Tom Jones and Will.I.Am.

Despite a failed attempt to wrangle Kyle Minogue with a £1 million deal, The Voice appears to have a strong cast of ‘mentors’. Tom Jones is certainly qualified to judge young singers, Will Young has all but broken free from his Pop Idol days and Will.I.Am is a successful manager, producer and leader of the Black Eyed Peas.

The show first appeared in America and was criticized by Simon Cowell for ripping off the X Factor format. Well, just as X Factor made its way across the pond, The Voice will be joining the seemingly overcrowded reality contest scene here.

The judges will appear next Spring and Holly Willoughby and Reggie Yates will join them as presenters. With this impressive panel the BBC seems poised to take even more viewers away from ITV, but only time will tell.