Winona Ryder Replaces Maggie Gyllenhaal In The Iceman


Winona Ryder has signed on to replace Maggie Gyllenhaal in the forthcoming true-crime drama The Iceman.

She’ll be playing Deborah Kuklinski, a woman who has no idea that her husband (Michael Shannon) is a contract killer for the mafia. Presumably, given that it’s Michael Shannon, she’s rationalised his inherently twitchy behaviour years ago.

It’s not only Gyllenhaal that’s dropped out. James Franco was attached to star back in January as Robert Pronge (great name), the man who teaches Kuklinski how to kill in the first place – a sort of Leon to his Matilda if you will.

Franco’s been replaced by Chris Evans (Captain America no less) and will join Ray Liotta as mob boss Roy Demeo (great casting) and David Schwimmer (!) is apparently in line for a role as a fellow killer.

Ariel Vromen will be calling the shots (fairly new as we can make out) from a script he co-wrote with Morgan Land (also a newbie) based on the book by Anthony Bruno The Iceman: The True Story Of A Cold-Blooded Killer.

Ryder’s been pretty quiet of late putting in a brief appearance in Black Swan and a fairly forgettable one in The Dilemma but has just finished shooting The Stare with none other than James Franco. Full circle see.