Wolverine Getting A Rewrite By Unstoppable Writer

Deary me, this is turning into a long and protracted project. As Japan’s still recovering from its recent calamities, shooting’s been delayed for the next adventure of everyone’s favourite cigar-chewing Marvel superhero. And while production’s on hold, director James Mangold is taking the opportunity to get the script touched up courtesy of Mark Bomback (Unstoppable).

Wolverine with his memory wiped finds himself in Japan tangling with the nefarious criminal underworld. There he’ll encounter the evil Silver Samurai. a fellow mutant with the power to charge objects with energy – something he uses on his sword to enable it to cut through anything.

That’s not all though, as he’ll also run into Viper, who in the comics was briefly married to him in a marriage of convenience. Quite how that’ll play out for Wolvie in the film remains to be seen.

There’s no details on what Bomback plans to do to McQuarrie’s script but McQuarrie himself is off working on One Shot, the Jack Reacher adaptation which will have pint-sized couch jumper Tom Cruise in the lead (much to the chagrin of fans who all know that Reacher’s supposed to be a hulk of a man).

Bomback’s been involved with a whole spate of action movies including Die Hard 4.0, the forthcoming Total Recall remake and Jack The Giant Killer.

Shooting begins next year in Tokyo and Vancouver.