Woody Harrelson Will Come Out Of The Furnace

Some time ago, we brought you reports that Billy Bob Thornton was to take on the role of the evil villain in prison drama, Out of The Furnace. Well forget everything we said because the swivel-chair and long-haired cat now look destined to belong to serial big screen bad boy, Woody Harrelson.

If the deal goes through, Harrelson will play Curtis DeGroat, the leader of nasty crime syndicate which lures unsuspecting young Hollywood actors – such as Casey Affleck – into pursuing a life of crime. When something terrible happens to Casey, his on-screen brother Christian Bale is determined to wreak revenge.

Zoe Saldana is set to play the love of Bale’s life and Sam Shepard will be his uncle. Forest Whitaker may even make an appearance as a sinister heavy.

Cooper, who last directed Crazy Heart, has written the latest draft of the script and is looking to kick off shooting in the next few months.

Harrelson last won acclaim for his part in Rampart, and also happens to appear in one fo the year’s most successful films to date, The Hunger Games.