Work On Fast & Furious 6 Begins

vin300In the most unsurprising news of 2011 so far, a sixth film in the Fast & Furious franchise is already in the works with Universal officially signing scriptwriter Chris Morgan up for another outing.

It’s not just fast cars, meatheads and CGI action set-pieces that he’ll be working on though – his contract also locks him in for two years to work on other projects (actually scratch that – the other projects will probably feature more of the same).

“I don’t want to be the guy who gets a vanity production deal and does nothing,” he told The Hollywood Reporter, “I want to be the guy who goes out there and busts my ass and fixes broken stories and finds material to bring back – quite frankly, as a reward to the studio that has worked with me for so long. We have a very effective partnership, and we want to get some big movies off the ground.” We can only speculate in what kind of state the stories were in before he got them looking at his past track record which includes two other Fast & Furious films (including the hilariously awful Tokyo Drift) and the cinematic car crash that was Wanted.

Still, he’s worked with Fast & Furious director Justin Lin several times now and he knows how to deliver action blockbuster spectacle, so it’s not surprising that Universal want to keep him on board. Production on Fast Six hasn’t started yet but being that Fast And The Furious 5 is likely to be a huge hit (as it should be given how much fun it is), it’s only a matter of time.