Worrall Thompson Blames Stealing on ‘Shocking Childhood’

As crimes go, Anthony Worrall Thompson’s shoplifting spree isn’t much to write home about, but after hour-upon-hour of therapy, the Ready Steady Go chef has explained that his terrible upbringing was to blame for his thievery.

Thompson, who was given a police caution after nicking cheese and wine from Tesco in Henley, on a couple of separate occasions believes that he went on the rob in a bid to ‘sabotage his own success’.

“My counsellor has come up with several theories and one of them is that I may be addicted to risk. Partly because of the shocking childhood I had I can’t believe in success and I almost want to sabotage it,” he told The Daily Express.

“My counsellor keeps saying that I’m always fighting. He says, you’ve done so well in your life that the war is won but you keep trying to find another battle to win.”

A quick snoop at Worrall-Thompson’s Wikipedia page reveals that his parents divorced when he was three and he sustained a facial injury at school that was only rectified with plastic surgery when he reached the age of 20. If true, his youth hardly sounds like a picnic.

“Is that the reason I took those things? I’m still unsure but I’m going to carry on with the sessions. I feel I want to get more to the bottom of it,” he continued.

The light-fingered chef also revealed that he considered leaving everything behind and starting a new life to get away from his crime..

“Not committing suicide but just starting another life. I thought that my family would be better off without me. Without Jay I don’t know what I would have done. She and my kids have been fantastic.”

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