Wossy To Front ‘Top Gear Film Show’ on ITV

Jonathan Ross looks set to be returning to film reviews, this time on former rival broadcaster ITV. Wossy previously fronted the BBC’s film review show, Film .. from 1999 until 2010, but left following the Sachsgate scandal and cuts at the Beeb.

Now he’s been pushed from the BBC roost and nestled under the wing of ITV, he is rumoured to be developing a show which has been described as “Top Gear for film”.

Despite Jeremy Clarkson’s right-wing rantings, Top Gear is regarded as one of the most successful entertainment shows of the last decade, so it seems a good format to use. According to The Sun, the show is expected to have “celebrity guests, informed reviews and lots of laughs.â€?

Somewhat of a polarising figure, Ross sparked public outrage when he and Russell Brand left lewd messages on the answerphone of actor Andrew Sachs, leading the BBC to cancel his contract. Whilst Top Gear is a very successful show, both at home and abroad, like Ross, it’s hosts have attracted their fair share of criticism for controversial content, such as alleged homophobia, racism, and the promotion of irresponsible driving.

With a pilot scheduled for production this month, we’ll have to wait a bit to see if Wossy describes a film as “a bit gayâ€? and adopts a laissez-faire attitude to using a mobile whilst in the cinema.

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