X Factor ‘Important For The Music Industry’ Says Chris Martin

Anticipation for this weekend’s X Factor final at Wembley Arena is hotting up, and it seems Chris Martin is as excited as anyone.

Speaking about his band’s scheduled performance, he described the programme as “important for the music industryâ€? and has confessed to being a huge fan of the show. Despite the possible backlash from music fans who might take against his view of such a ‘manufactured’ style programme, his comments on Absolute Radio were unashamed: “I understand that there are people who are musically not into it, but I don’t agree with them and I say that with all respectâ€?.

This opinion falls in line with just a few highly-regarded artists who take the view that X Factor is good entertainment. Noel Gallagher was recently reported as saying that despite not necessarily being a fan of the type of music released by X Factor contestants, he enjoys watching it with his young daughter.

Coldplay have been given creative freedom for their performance on Saturday, and according to Martin “there’s no other TV show, really, except for Jools Holland, that gives you that.â€? Having said that, Coldplay are one of the least offensive pop acts in existence, so it’s not much of a leap of faith from ITV producers.

I doubt the appearance of the band will do much for their reputation amongst music-industry critics, but it might be helpful for the flailing status of this year’s X Factor