X Factor: James Arthur Accuses Gary of ‘Tactical Voting’

James Arthur has responded to Gary Barlow’s accusation that he “lost his integrity” on Saturday night as “tactical judging”.

The Take That star criticised the 24 year-old singer during the first live show of the series after Arthur performed Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Stronger’ complete with an original rap interlude.

Barlow – who has already attracted attention for his outspoken views this series – explained that he believed Arthur had compromised his credibility and by listening to producers’ ideas about song choice and staging.

“I thought losing my integrity was a bit sharp,” said Arthur – who’s being mnentored by Nicole Sherzinger – of Barlow’s critique. “It was a bit far, but maybe it was a bit of tactical judging.”

“I don’t think there are that many songs you can choose with a hero theme,” Arthur added. “What we picked – I did the best I could to make it my own.”

Barlow later clarified his remarks by explaining that he thought Arthur had lost his ‘edgy’ feel as he had no guitar.

“I missed the guitar but I don’t have to have it,” responded Arthur, who had earlier been praised by the members of One Direction. “It’s where I come from but it’s not 100% necessary for every performance.”