X Factor Kitty Branded ‘More Annoying Than Gonorrhoea’

Kitty Brucknell (or Waissel 2.0) has had her security beefed up in the wake of online death threats. The singer impressed judges at her audition last weekend but annoyed some of the audience by sitting on the edge of the stage and basking in some imagined adulation before the judges had even voted.

Some even argued that such behaviour probably explains why none of her friends wanted to accompany her to her audition.

There have been a spate of stories surrounding her past over the last seven days (honeytrap girl, illegal diet drugs, alien cover-ups etc..) but this morning it has emerged that the X Factor hopeful is being targeted on social networking sites. One well-informed fan described her as “more annoying than gonorrhoea”.

“I have had death threats on the internet,” Brucknell told The Sun. “People don’t like confidence. I hope people write better things about me.”

One 41-year-old man from Doncaster is said to have explained in detail how he wanted to see the singer dead. The disturbing hate pages have called on like minded users to “spread the word” to help recruit “more Kitty haters”.

Her security has reportedly been increased, while an X Factor spokesperson said: “The welfare and safety of contestants is of paramount importance.”