X Factor Kitty Votes To Save Herself – 126 Times

X Factor’s most eccentric contestant, Kitty Brucknell, reportedly voted for herself 126 times after her performance on Saturday.

A source told The Sun “Kitty was so convinced that she was going to get the shove on Sunday that she just started dialing her own number. It was a bit daft really – as you need thousands of votes to make a difference. But you can’t blame her for trying.”

She dialed for herself so much that her bill added up to over £50. Clearly, Kitty is willing to do whatever it takes to increase her chances on the show. She announced on the second day of bootcamp that she skipped her rent payment in favor of a £2,000 glowing outfit.

If nothing else, it certainly grabbed the audience’s attention. Viewers cannot deny that Kitty is this season’s most interesting contestant, even if she may not be its most talented. Hopefully her spending will not be in vain, it seems like she’s got a lot more headline grabbing to do.