X Factor ‘Order’ Lucy Spraggan to Pull Single to Spare Little Mix Blushes

Orwellian X Factor bosses have caused another scandal this morning after ordering Lucy Spraggan to withdraw her hit single ‘Last Night’ from the charts after it became clear that she would prevent last year’s winners Little Mix from hitting number one.

The whole thing was dressed up as an attempt to ‘make it fair’ for other contestants in this year’s show, but the manipulation comes hot on the heels of the Zoe Alexander incident a few weeks back, which saw producers encourage her to sing Pink, only for the judges to reject her.

“I was asked by the people behind The X Factor to take it down” said Spraggan. “We discussed it and to make it fair to the other contestants. I took it down as soon as they asked.”

Remember, this is the show which tells us how desperately it’s searching for the ‘next big superstar’ ad nauseum.

Eventually, Spraggan bowed to pressure from bosses, presumably through fear that her place in the competition might be jeopardised.

“There’s always going to be a part of me that’s disappointed,” she said. “Obviously I was asked and I’ve obliged because you’ve got to do, what you’ve got to do, to get somewhere in life.”

Meanwhile Little Mix revealed that they were feeling more optimistic of achieving No.1 after Simon Cowell ordered the most popular song in the country be removed from the chart.

Maybe we should make him England manager? He can just tell Spain, Brazil and Germany not to enter the next World Cup?

An X Factor stooge droned the following statement.. “All contestants have been asked to remove their recordings as it is essential that all the contestants are treated fairly during the competition and, where possible, receive the same exposure.”

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