X Factor Pull £1m Prize As Kitty Considers ‘Private Show’

Winning X Factor this year will not be as life changing as it once was. Up until recently, ITV has promised that the winner of the reality show receives a £1 million recording contract, although the truth is very different.

In reality the winner will receive £150,000 as an advance for their first record, this pales in comparison to the $5 million that the American winner will be getting.

Leaked figures indicate that it would take four album releases for the British winner to generate the former million pound prize, receiving £150,000 for the first, £237,000 for the second, £315,000 for the third and £400,000 for the fourth.

Creating this many hit records on Simon Cowell’s SYCO label is no easy feat. Previous winners Leon Jackson, Joe McElderry and Steve Brookstein were all dropped after poor album sales on their debuts.

Last year’s winner, Matt Cardle, admits that his deal is worth less than previously believed. “I got an advance to keep me housed and fed while making my album. The million pound thing – that’s just for TV.â€?

Still, X Factor remains a great opportunity for aspiring artists even if they don’t receive huge advances at the conclusion. A show spokesperson said: “It is estimated finalists have collectively earned an estimated £60 million in the past few years alone including record deals, endorsements and public appearances.â€? Not to mention other business opportunities that might arise for contestants… just ask Kitty Brucknell.

This year’s most headline-grabbing contestant has been offered £300,000 to perform a “private showâ€? for a wealthy Dubai businessman.
Gene Daily, Kitty’s agent, told the Daily Star “This one guy wanted to fly her over to Dubai there and back in November for a night so she could sing for him in her flashing leotard. It was crazy. He just kept upping his offer.â€?

The agent added that “£300,000 and all-expenses-paid trip to Dubai is not something Kitty would turn down. Maybe when she’s finished with X Factor we can reschedule and she can give this millionaire the sexiest show of his life.â€? £300,000 for a night’s work? It looks like Kitty is going to be just fine.