X Factor Row Erupts

Is there ever any respite behind the scenes at the X Factor? Apparently Louis Walsh and Dannii Mingoue (the crap Minogue) are claiming that Cheryl Cole is being given “preferential treatmentâ€? in regards her acts.

Cowell has apparently been told things have to change following allegations that Cher Lloyd, Katie Waissell and Rebecca Ferguson have been the subjects of favouritism.

The Daily Star are reporting that Walsh and Minogue were affronted by the fact that Cole turned up to recordings in a Rolls Royce whilst they had to rough it in a Mercedes and car brands of a similar ilk. The two angered presenters referred to them as ‘ordinary cars’.

An insider said: “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see Cheryl’s acts are getting the best slots.

“Over the last couple of weeks both Dannii and Louis have been concerned about where their most vulnerable acts – Paije [Richardson], Wagner [Carrilho] and Mary [Byrne] – sit in the Saturday lineup.

“They’ve been in what everyone calls the ‘graveyard’ slots at the start of the show where viewers are most likely to forget their performances. Louis raised his concerns with Simon but was told to ‘lump it’.”

An X Factor spokesperson responded categorically: “The order in which acts perform varies each week. None of the finalists are shown preferential treatment, with each of them getting their chance to shine on the stage.”